Canada Study FAQs

  1. When can a student apply for Canadian student visa?

A student can apply for Canadian Student Visa after securing the admission letter from Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) as well as post payment of the tuition fees of a year and GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) and the program of study should be more than 6 Months.


  1. Which intake is available in Canada?

Canadian institution generally offers 3 intakes: The Fall intake (September), The Winter intake (January) and the Summer intake (April and May). However, The July and October intake is also available in few institutions.


  1. Can I work & earn part-time while studying in Canada?

Of course, If you’re a student of DLI approved institution and enrolled in a program with the duration of more than 6 months; Your study permit states that you can work part-time either on or off campus while having Social Insurance Number (SIN).


You can work for 20 Hours/week while studying and 40 hours/week in your scheduled breaks.

  1. What kind of courses/programs are available?

The institutions of Canada offer a wide range of programs/courses at a various education level such as; Bachelor’s, Advance Diploma, Diploma, Certificate, Post-Graduate certificate, Master’s, with or without co-op, Pathway programs etc.


  1. What’s the processing time for Canada student visa?

The processing time under the Student Direct Stream (SDS) is 25 working days and for non-SDS stream, the processing time can be up to or more than 45 days.


  1. What are the basic requirements?

For under-graduate program the minimum 50% and a minimum of 6 no less than 6 bands or it’s equivalent score is required in other English language tests, Whereas, in Post-Graduate programs the minimum of 60% and the requirement is of overall 6.5 Bands no less than 6 in each module in IELTS or its equivalent in other English language tests. However, some institutions some institutions accept the student with overall 6.5 bands and no less than 5.5 in one module. Although, requirements can be varied upon the choice of your institution and the program/course.


  1. How long does it take for the international students to receive the acceptance from a Canadian Institution?

International students can get the admission approximately in 4-6 weeks.


  1. The required documents to apply in Canada for Student visa?

The basic required documents are;

  1. Academic documents
  2. Passport
  3. IELTS or any other test’s score
  4. Experience letter in case of changed field or academic gap.

For the specific details please get in touch with our team.


  1. How many years of the Work permit does the student get upon the completion of his/her education?

If your program is of 1 year than you’re eligible to get the 2 years of work permit. However, if your program is of 2 years or more than you’re eligible to get the 3 years of work permit.


  1. Tuition fees in Canada?

The tuition fees in Canadian Institutions range around 15000-18000 CAD, Again, it can vary according to your choice of institutions


  1. Can I apply for the extension of my student visa?

Absolutely, you can apply for the extension before 30 days before the date of expiry. It will take approximately 48 days approximately.


  1. Can my spouse join me in Canada?

Yes, your spouse can apply for the dependent visa. for detailed information please get in touch with our team.


  1. What is GIC?

Guaranteed Investment Certificate for international students is the proof of funds that has to be submitted with the investment of 10,000 CAD for visa/student visa application.

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