Finland Study FAQs

  1. Brief Description about Finland.

The world happiest country is a Nordic welfare state which aims to be carbon neutral by 2035. The country with the forests covering almost 75% of its surface is the safest in world to travel where, the crime rate is almost zero. The capital city, Helsinki is known for the architecture and designs.


  1. What will be the processing time for Finland student visa?

Online application usually takes between 3-4 Months to get the decision, While Paper application takes around 4 Months.


  1. Can my Spouse and children apply for the dependent visa?

Absolutely, your family including your children and spouse can definitely apply for the dependent visa to be with you in Finland that too, together! There will be certain criteria to be fulfilled to get the visa though.


  1. Can I work while studying in Finland?

International students are allowed to work for 25 hours in a week during the semester and full time in holidays.


  1. Can a student get the Permanent Residency after the education?

Yes, once you’re done with your education and have founded a full-time job, you can get permanent residency after working there for 4 years.


  1. How much a student can earn in Finland while studying?

The lowest wages vary from 7-8 Euros per hour but students can typically earns 9-13 euros per hour but again it depends on the profession and working hours.


  1. Is IELTS required/Mandate?

No, IELTS is not mandatory. However, It is always recommended to appear for it so that, the profile can be a little stronger.


  1. Can I start my application if my degree certificate is yet to come?

Yes, you can apply on a conditional basis as; each university has its individual requirements.


  1. Are there any minimum GPA requirements?

It depends on the choice of the University for the Detailed Information please get in touch with our team.


  1. If I have worked part-time or during my studies; is it valid work experience?

No, the work experience can be considered only after you have completed your studies.


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