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RG International is a UAE-based Study Abroad Agency with offices located in South Africa, Poland as well as in India. It also serves as a homogenous platform to connect universities and colleges with qualified and diversified student base.  Co-founded by Mr. Rajiv Soni and Mr. Paresh Chalodiya in the year 2008, with the objective of bridging the gap between aspirant students and the best educational institutes around the world, RG International has been a successful catalyst in enabling students to achieve their goals of studying abroad, by imparting services for career guidance, immigration, and visa. Today, with international outreach and a strong partnership with top universities, RG International has advanced into a totally-fledged foreign education consultancy and is hailed as India’s most-trusted on admission companion. A presence of 11+ years in the enterprise has capacitated us with experience and the proper techniques to teach and filter out most appropriate profiles for universities.

RG International was set up with a vision to be a pacesetter by setting a benchmark in studying overseas consultancy services by guiding aspiring students. Our goal is to be the best and most skilled by offering real value to our clients, both universities and study abroad aspirants.  Our objective at RG International is to maintain utmost level of trust and transparency by appealing to the stakeholder’s interest. We endeavor only for positive outcomes and never settle for mediocrity.

RG International is eminent for its innovative counselling that molds students into impeccable qualified candidates for globally recognized educational institutions. Every year, we provide support to over 1000+ aspirants by enrolling them into their desired university. With a long journey of over 11 years in this field, we have managed to create a legacy of providing guidance to over 50,000+ aspirants, with more than 10,000 students being effortlessly enrolled in their desired international universities. Along with this, the organization has successfully established 13 base offices across India, one in Europe, and one in South Africa as well.

For more than a decade we have been assisting students throughout India to gain quality education in well-renowned institutions abroad. In this technological era, we have utilized the tech to its fullest capability in our everyday operations to lessen the distance among us and our students.

RG International has long been devoted to the development of tutorial generation and infrastructure for the advantage of students. We have created a virtual counselling platform for our distant students leveraging the modern-day conversation tools which is practically similar to offline counselling. Furthermore, we have advanced our virtual platform to provide end-to-end service to students- beginning from counselling to interview practise to visa file submissions. Today, our licensed counselling team has gained experience in helping students throughout the country.

RG International’s purpose is to digitally advance the traditional notion of counselling as well as support services and through our investment in instructional generation, we have achieved our aim effectively and efficiently. We believe that irrespective of what region a student belongs to, he/she has the right to first-rate training and dependable student help services.

Reasons why High-Ranking Universities prefer RG International?

Our Unique Methodology to Filter out Hand-Picked Students

Having an expertise and experience in the overseas education sphere, RG International acknowledges the importance of selecting the best profiles for our partner institutions. Moreover, we do not deviate from our main goal of making our student’s journey to abroad hassle-free. To fulfil our objective, we have designed our own unique method to filter students which benefits both our students and partner institutions eradicating all the hassles and streamlining the selection procedure.

Exclusive Channel Partner Programmer with Ultra-Modern CRM

With a view to amplify the universities’ outreach, RG International looks for assistance from a consortium of 1000+ sub-agents related via a distinct channel partner program with CRM. Through our portal, the sub-agents can access all the tools and resources that assists them to simplify the application procedure of their large community of student that stretches across the Indian subcontinent as well as other nations.

Therefore, the partner portal helps to unite 1000+ sub-agents throughout India and other nations; provides in-depth list of courses and institutions; facilitates student application procedure and offers a marketing landscape to the universities.

Dedicated Support to Every Individual

RG International aims to lessen the gap which exists between a student and quality education. We meticulously spend our assets to ensure that not a single student who reaches out to RG International is destitute of the opportunity to access quality education. To move further in this direction, we have devised our own course of action to select the best of students for our partner universities.

Detailed Orientation with Expert Counsellors

For students with a desire and determination to study abroad, we adopt an extensive approach to guide them will all the aspects of overseas education. Our team of certified counsellors have expertise in simplifying admission and visa procedure of aspirants and delivering outstanding outcomes.  

Country-Dedicated Admission Consultant

A Dedicated Admission Consultant is allotted to the students who have made a choice to study in the institution of their preference. Further, experienced consultants are well-versed and trained for facilitating the procedure of the study destination country and provide a thorough guidance and assistance with the admission procedure for the respective university beginning from the documentation requirements to the student accommodation.

Comprehensive Marketing Approach

Acknowledging the significance of properly organized marketing plan, RG International executes a triumphing strategy focused at providing a holistic marketing assistance to the partner educational institutions. We extend an all-encompassing marketing system with a detailed plan and provide sufficient resources to strengthen our partner universities’ worldwide presence.  These include:

Digital Marketing

Awareness Campaigns

Print Media



Press Releases

A Bonding Filled with Countless Moments of Joy

As an admission partner, RG International has an amicable relationship with institutions that surpasses the standard business association and embraces a sentiment of camaraderie.

We additionally engage in frequent visits to the universities that assists us to better understand the needs of our partner institutions and share experiences as a family. This has simplified the business process which is backed up by communication and transparency.  

Enlisting Motivated Aspirants in Globally Ranked Universities

RG International has a track record of enrolling more than 5000+ of ambitious students in high-ranking universities across the world. Our team of experienced counsellors has helped many students to reach their potential and lead a life that they have constantly aspired of.

These exemplary casebooks demonstrate the competency of team RG International in unifying the best of abilities with prominent universities. In addition to that, we have successfully assisted some of the strongest profile of the students to expand their horizons into overseas countries and fulfil their dream to study in foreign country.


Since 2008, RG International has been a reputable leader as an admission partner for overseas studies. As pioneers in overseas education, we are certified and acknowledged by many high ranking and accredited universities including from countries like: USA, UK, Australia, Finland, Canada, Europe and many others.

RG International have visited all of its partner universities from all the study abroad destinations. There is frequent visit to the universities by the officials of RG International for meet-ups, discussions, get to know the changes in the admission procedure and visa application.  This offers a better chance to serve both the clients of RG International, the students by enrolling them in the most appropriate university to meet their expectations as well as the partner universities by understanding their requirements and serving them the best.

We make sure to develop amicable relationships with our partner universities. To move ahead in this direction, we have devised our own course of action to select the best of students for our partner universities. Frequent visits assist us to better understand the needs our partner universities and share experiences as a family. This has simplified the business process which is backed up by communication and transparency.  

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