Hungary Study FAQs

1.Why Hungary?

The country located in the centre of the Eastern Europe sharing the border with Austria in the west and Romania in the East with the population of around 10 Million. The capital city is Budapest, where almost 3 million of the country’s population resides.
It provides the top class education and in English medium which is recognised worldwide. Well known scientist Mr. John von Neumann and Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the one who discovered Vitamin C was the student of Hungarian University.


2.What will be my tuition fees and Cost of living in Hungary?

The tuition fees are quite affordable, which will be around 2500 to 8000 Euros per year; though it depends on the choice of your programs and Universities.

As far as the living expense is concerned, the student life is quite affordable and the expense would be around 500 to 600 Euros/month which includes accommodation, food, transport and other things.


3.Can I get scholarships in Hungary?

Absolutely, “Hungarian university” is called Stipendium Hungaricum in Latin and is very generous: it includes tuition fees, medical insurance, a housing allowance, and a monthly stipend.


4.What will be the student visa processing time?

It takes approximately a month but can be extended up to 60 days as well. It always better to apply as quickly as possible; which you can apply before six months before you travel.


5.Can I work part-time on my student visa?

It can be difficult for you as; to work in Hungary you may require fluency in Hungarian.


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