Latvia Study FAQs

  1. How can I process a student visa for Latvia?/ Admission process for Latvia?

Ans. The step-wise procedure to secure a student’s visa in Latvia is as follows:

  1. Apply for a course in any recognized institution.
  2. If all the documents are in order then the University will issue a Payment Slip (Invoice) for Application Fees Payment.
  3. Once the student pays the Application Fees, a Skype Interview is conducted by the University.

4 Also, if the student does not have any of the required English proficiency test results then the university will conduct an Entrance Test for the English Language.

5 If the student cracks the Skype Interview the university will send an offer letter and forward the documents of the student for AIC approval. It takes about 4 – 6 weeks to secure the AIC approval.

  1. If the student secures the AIC approval then the University will provide the LOA and Study Agreement.
  2. As soon as the student secures the study agreement and invoice he/she is required to process the fee payment (which includes typically the tuition, hostel fees etc.) as per the invoice.
  3. After the payment of the fees the university will send the original acceptance letter, AIC letter, accommodation details, and other visa-related documents.
  4. When the student receives the above-mentioned documents he/she has to submit the complete file according to the given checklist.
  5. Later the file is submitted at VFS for visa purposes. Typically, within one week the VFS will provide the student with a consulate’s interview schedule or the Embassy’s Interview schedule to the student through the mail. Once the student gives/passes this interview, he/she will get the result within 7 working days.


  1. How much gap is accepted in Latvia for further education?

If the student has applied for Bachelor’s then a gap of up to 5 years is allowed while, if the student has opted for a Master’s then a gap of up to 10 years is also acceptable from a visa point of view.


  1. Is IELTS compulsory for Latvia?

No, the candidate can apply based on MOI as well. ONLY if the MOI is not English then an English Proficiency test is required.


  1. What is the living cost in Latvia?

The living cost in Latvia ranges from 300-600 €/ Month.


  1. How many intakes are there in Latvia?

Latvia has 2 Major intakes; Winter and Spring.


  1. How can I get admission in Latvia?

The student can contact RG INTERNATIONAL to receive all the required details and admission to top Latvian Universities.


  1. What is the cost of study in Latvia?

The tuition fees range between 1,550 and 6,000 EUR per academic year for most study programs. Medical degrees can go up to 15,000 EUR, and business courses, such as Executive MBAs, have the highest fees — up to 25,600 EUR per year.


  1. Why should I go to Latvia for further study?

There are many reasons to choose Latvia for further education. Situated on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, Latvia is known to be a hotspot as a crossroad between the East, West, North, and South. Latvia is an interethnic country and abundant in various cultural and educational traditions. Latvia is influenced by the wide-ranging ethnicities of its neighbouring countries, consequently offering a multi-cultural experience for international students in Latvia.

Latvian Universities offer an advanced education system, which operates functionally and effectively, ensuring each individual a one on one “student approach”.

The education system is very flexible and the majority of programs are taught in English, with affordable tuition fees and living costs.


  1. Is Latvia good for education?

Absolutely! Latvia is one of the best destinations in Europe for further education. At an extremely affordable fee structure, Latvia provides education in revered universities.


  1. Are there any Scholarships for Indian students in Latvia?

 No! Currently, there are no scholarships awarded to Indian Students.


  1. What are the best programs available in Latvia?

Latvia is famous for the business program delivered by its universities. It is well-known for its engineering programs as well, which are offered by its public university – Riga Technical University.


  1. What are the Latvia student visa requirements?

To apply for a Latvian Student Visa, the student needs to gather the following documents :

Cover Letter

Long stay visa application form

Original Passport (valid for the entire duration of the course)

Passport size photographs (45×35 mm with white background)

Affidavit of Oath

Hague Apostille Police Clearance Certificate (P.C.C.) (Compulsory)

Hague Apostille Last Education (Compulsory)

Academic Documents

Invitation approved by University

AIC Letter

Acceptance letter from the University

TT Copy

Hostel and Study Agreement from University

Sponsor Affidavit

Financial documents


  1. How to get P.R. for Latvia?

To secure a P.R., the student needs to live in Latvia for 5 Years. He/she must earn 22,500 Euros/ yearly; only then, the student is eligible for a P.R. in Latvia.


  1. Does a student need to learn Latvian?

No! The student does not need to learn the Latvian language because most Universities provide education in the English Language.

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