Study in Germany

The Home To Some Of The World-Class Engineering Institutions In The World!

Not surprisingly, Germany is ranked among the top international student destinations in the world. According to the recent official statistics, there are more than 357,000 international students seeking a university degree in Germany while the numbers are steadily increasing.

Each year, thousands of scholars from all over the globe depend on German universities for their education and the reasons for this are clear.

Why Study in Germany?

Germany has four universities ranked in the top 100, and 14 in the top 200 in the worldwide university rankings. Universities receive close to 4 lakh applications from foreign students annually, and the numbers are steadily rising.

Education System in Germany

The Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in Germany are divided into state and private institutions. Due to a high level of competition amongst the two, they are offering top-quality programmes for extremely low prices.

Cost of Studying in Germany?

Study costs are much more affordable in Germany in comparison to most other study destinations. Since October 2014, all international students attending private universities are not charged any tuition fee. Other ancillary costs are all that they need to foot.

Student Life in Germany

As per German law, international students are allowed to take up 20-hours a week or 120 full days a year, part-time jobs. This helps students cover a considerable amount of their expenses.

Job Opportunities After Studying in Germany

German universities offer globally valued degrees, making students confident of facing challenges globally and promising high employability.

Student Visa Requirements for Germany

Besides certificates for educational qualifications, German universities require an English language test for students whom English is not the first language, and a German language test.

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