Study in UK


Why Study in UK?

The UK has to its credit, almost a 100 Nobel prizes, awarded to British scientists and institutions. There are very few countries that can enjoy that claim to fame.

Education System in UK

The UK offers students 395 universities/colleges and 50,000 courses in over 25 subject areas to choose from! This covers both the undergraduate level and the higher education courses across the UK. With this vast offering, it is highly unlikely to not find the course best-suited for a student’s requirement.

Cost of Studying in UK?

Study costs by themselves are not less, but considering that courses are generally shorter than most other study destinations, a year’s worth of fees and living costs could be subtracted from the total budget to arrive at a more realistic figure. Therefore, considering the superior quality of education and experience being offered, it is good value for money.

Student Life in UK

The fact that the United Kingdom’s foreign student population is only growing rapidly across all levels of higher education, means students will be surrounded by like-minded individuals from diverse cultures. This combination lends itself to a very dynamic and interesting environment for students to thrive in.

Job Opportunities After Studying in UK

UK’s flexible education system is in sync with today’s job requirements. A high quality of life and excellent employment opportunities are the primary incentives for students. Also, the two-year post-study work-visa is a welcome policy change. This will benefit the large talent pool of international students by giving them access to a wide range of employers.

Student Visa Requirements for UK

A single university could have different application deadlines for different courses. Students will therefore need to keep a close check on dates vis-à-vis the courses they are interested in.

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